Tai O Fishing Village

Outside of the city of Hong Kong and in towards the jungle environment lies Tai O Village. The bus ride to get there lasted over an hour. Once there, you can smell the essence of the sea as you walk through the fishing markets. It is a great place to go to if one is looking for good seafood. As you enter the village, lots of vendors will try and bait you to watch the dolphins on a boat. Although I did not go on these boats, they were very appealing. If you are hungry, Tai O Village has no shortage of street food. I recommend getting these almond cookies that are generally only found and made in Macau. They are almost always right out of the oven! If you are looking for classic Chinese snacks, try dried squid. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Finding things to do here can be a little tough, but towards the dock, there are great places to take pictures. You can model down the pier or I recommend seeing the old Police Station that has now been renovated as a hotel; they have great views of the water. They have some interesting architecture for homes and even an area of homes that appear to have been abandoned. There quite a few temples that have really nice lookout points! Be warn some of these temples are closed on the weekends.

Their souvenirs are creative, but some of them are more expensive that most places you would find in the middle of the city. My personal favorite is the turtle with eyeglasses made out of tiny seashells. I also purchased some postcards from a more high end gift shop.

We took a ferry ride back to the city. It took us about 45 minutes to get back. We were so tired from the day that we fell asleep on the ferry.

OVERALL: The village was worth seeing. It gave us a different perspective of how people in Hong Kong live. Not everyone lives in the city and the rural civilization was interesting to see. 🙂

6.5 / 10 would go again.

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